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I have been writing fiction, mostly fantasy, since third grade, though an academic career and undiagnosed ADHD meant I submitted very little as an adult writer. My inspirations range from Tolkien to LeGuin to Delany to Jemisen, and I'm adding more all the time. My focus is on poetry, short fiction, and (slowly returning to) novels, with nearly all of my publications so far being poetry (the one genre I haven't had any training in...). Oh, and of course there is my blog, where I talk about my specialty (Scandinavian Myth and Folklore), review books, and do other things: vikingsbooksetc.wordpress.com.

My latest poem "Ymir Speaks: Beginning and End" is in the print magazine Star*Line, which may be purchased from the Science Fiction Poetry Association. My previous publications, alas, were in venues that eventually went under and are no longer available. I may reprint them on this website in the future.

My non-academic publications:

Short story "The Giant and the Cathedral" in Fables Ezine 2001 (retelling of an etiological legend)

Poem "On Going to See the Blue Whale" in Fables Ezine 2002

Poem "A Stone Age Man Confronts His Son (or, Ug's Sonnet)" in Rose and Thorn Journal 2007 (nominated for the Best of the Net)

Poem "The Cabin and the Stars" in Ideomancer 2011

Poem "The Waves on Lake Vättern" in Everyday Poets 2011

Poem "Amateur Astronomy" in Everyday Poets 2011

Poem "Sketches of Leaves" in Everyday Poets 2011

Poem "A Rainy Day in May" in Everyday Poets 2012

Poem "Ymir Speaks: Beginning and End" in Star*Line Summer 2019